Vape Care 101: Four Tips on How to Avoid Battery Problems

Mar 20, 2023

Vape Care 101: Four Tips on how to avoid Battery Problems with vapes arranged by color in squaresWe know that you just want to vape with no certain complications—a vaper could dream! From annoying troubleshooting to complete damage, avoid the heavy duty and learn the simple ways to change bad vaping habits. Here are four tips on how to avoid battery problems:

Do Not Overcharge Your Device

Just like a regular smartphone, it is known that you should consider unplugging your charging port from your device at 80%. With this matter, you risk the chances of overheating. A common advice is to only charge at most 2 hours per time and unplugged once fully charged.

Only Use Original Charging Cable

This might be a challenge as charging cables are so often switched around or lost. It is advised to try to maintain your original charging cable/port that came in the original packaging of your device. Try to avoid purchasing chargers that are not from the actual brand itself. Compatibility of accessories to your vaporizers is essential!

Keep Your Vape at Room Temperature

Keep in mind that vaporizers are picky when it comes to their exterior build. If you leave your device under the hot sun, it removes excessive warming, which can harm the battery. Keeping your device in a dry, room temperature area is best for keeping your vape safely stored. Make sure to keep it away from sun exposure, as this could also ruin your concentrated or oil materials.

Read The Manual Carefully

Similar to any device, reread the instructions carefully to learn how to fully maintain your vaporizer. Keeping your user manual at hand will go a long way, as this could help you comprehend how to clean and upkeep your device. In general, ensure to also keep up with the brand you purchased your device from—updates is vital as well!


Whether it is based on its build or advanced features, every vaporizer is different. The common aspect to vaporizers are based on its maintenance, so try your best to not cause any destruction that could harm its interior. If you are looking for something sturdy, make sure to visit our website,, to view our latest devices and parts.