How Water Filtration Improves Vaping

Mar 20, 2024
How Water Filtration Improves Vaping

While the glories of water pipes are spread far and wide for the use of dry herbs, does it have the same magic with vaporization? We are here to answer that question with a resounding yes, including water filtration in your rig has a multitude of noticeable benefits to your vaping experience that will have you blowing smoother clouds than ever.

C-Cool, I Know We’re Cool

Try to think if you will of a simpler time, when you were escaping the oppressive heat of a swelteringly hot Summer’s day by rushing towards that body of water like it's the last helicopter out of Saigon. Be it an ocean, pool, or slip n’ slide you fly through the air ready to be fully enveloped in the serene cooling embrace of the water; now hold onto that feeling because that is exactly how it feels to experience your first water filtered vapor hit. Just like the PB&J before it, the combination of water filtration and smooth vapor really is a match made in heaven thanks to its synthesization of a noticeably cooler inhale for your throat. As a result you will be able to chill for longer without feeling the heat and allow for those with less of a tolerance to vapor to enjoy right alongside you all session long.

Make Me Water

As you get to H 2 Know your way around the differences between vaporizing dry and incorporating water, you will quickly learn that this liquid inclusion allows for more moisture to cling to your vapor allowing for a less harsh inhale. Typical vapor is on the drier side of things so letting it filter through water can give it a much needed boost to its moistness allowing you to avoid any throat irritation that may occur during a longer session. This lets rigs like the Sutra Vape DBR Pro really give you the highest quality hits possible thanks to their built in glass bubbler attachment doing all the hard work for you.

Sutra DBR Pro standing on reflective surface in front of pink studio background with water in bubbler

How Does it Help with Unwanted Materials?

There’s nothing worse than when you are enjoying a flavorful hit off your favorite rig when a chunk of something comes hurtling out the mouthpiece and straight to the back of your throat. Just the thought can have you gagging from past experiences better left forgotten, so embrace the added bonus of water filtered vapor; no unwanted particulates sneaking through. Thanks to the additional level of water that the vapor goes through it is turbo cleaned of any and all undesirables. To top it off this will make your rig easier to clean by preventing build up of gunky materials around the neck or mouthpiece that can become a major pain.

Solving the Elemental Equation

When you add water into the equation with your rig suddenly you are now engaging all four elements instead of just three; earth with your concentrate, wind with your clouds, water as your new arrival, and fire with your heating element to combine all four into the most pleasant of vaping experiences. Many spiritualists believe that when all four elements are present a transcendent form of meditation can be achieved to live life more in tune with the universe. This same level of peace can be touched upon when you add water into your concentrate sessions to provide a full body, spirit, and mind experience that will have you feeling rejuvenated. Make sure to feel the physical structure of your glass, embrace the vapor's warmth, hear the bubbling of water, and finally blow out the wind of your fully connected cloud.

Water, earth, air and fire resting in their own glasses on a black display

Stop Having Fun Over There!

In the spirit of fairness, we would be remiss if we didn’t at least clue you into the opposition's argument against, as esoteric it may be. You see there is some truth to the fact that when you filter your vapor through a watery medium that you are losing flavor and potency, but in reality the difference is minuscule and will be completely mitigated by the fact you can now take larger, smoother hits and won’t be coughing half of it up from a harsh hit. This is a classic case of the strengths exponentially outweighing the weaknesses, so don’t let the lemmings lead you astray and make sure to enjoy your vaporizing the way you want to.

A Watery Conclusion

At the end of the day what matters most is that you are enjoying your vaporizing, so if the smooth and clean hits of water filtration sound attractive to you then make sure to check out Sutra DBR Pro in order to dive into the world of improvements it offers. Make sure to take a look at our other thoughts and advice over at our Sutra Vaporizer Blog!