3 Best-Selling Sutra Vaporizers You'll Love

Nov 9, 2022

Tired of weak batteries for your oil cartridges? Want to experience a vape that can do both? Sutra is here to help you with all those issues by providing you with high-quality devices that deliver the best flavors of your herbs or concentrate while also producing the smoothest clouds. We know you love to vape, so here are 3 best-selling vaporizers that you would enjoy from Sutra:

1. Sutra Mini Vaporizer

In the mood for a dual-use vape? Well, you are in luck with the Sutra Mini Vaporizer, a 2-in-1 vape designed for using wax concentrates and dry herbs! Powered by a high-rate 1600mAh battery, the Mini features an OLED display for vital vaping information, a maximum temperature of 430°, and a stainless steel and quartz heating oven. This 3-inch device employs a single-button operation and allows full temperature control and fast preheat functionality. The Mini includes a micro-USB port for quick charging capabilities. Experience the dual-wonders of the Sutra Mini and enjoy flavors of both herbs and concentrates.

2. Sutra Auto Cartridge Vaporizer

Looking for something that’s simple and not too complicated? The easy-to-use Sutra Auto Cartridge Vaporizer is everybody’s favorite device to puff oil cartridges from! This vaporizer is a portable, auto-drawn device that utilizes a magnetic 510-thread connection for fast, easy attachment. Powered by a 390mAh battery, this device accommodates larger cartomizers for a wider range of use and also features LED light indicators and a micro-USB charging port. Take the Sutra Auto anywhere with you, as it is barely 3 inches tall! Get your Sutra Auto for the most convenient session that you’ll ever experience.

3. Sutra Squeeze Cartridge Vaporizer

If you are searching for something hip, trendy, and overall a good-looking vape, the Sutra Squeeze Cartridge Vaporizer is the device for you! The Squeeze features preheat functionality, 4 temperature settings (2.8V, 3.2V, 3.7V, 4.2V), and 510-threaded magnetic adapters for simple attachment. Powered by a 650mAh battery, This 3-inch device also has vibration alerts and visual feedback for notifications. Coming in such a unique, compact shape, the Squeeze also comes in 5 colors, including Bronze and Full Color. Take this vibrant vape everywhere with you as the perfect hand accessory!

You deserve vaporizers that are powerful, convenient, and efficient, and Sutra’s vapes are known for all of the above! From dry herbs to concentrates and oil cartridges, get yourself the perfect vaporizer that will suit your desired vaping experience!